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0. Cyan Adrian 119.08
0. green HUMMING 119.08
0. PURPLE81 114.66
0. JAPANESE77 108.03
0. shlnn82 107.65
0. Donte Mnz 106.11
0. ava4 103.90
0. Greenish Galilea 101.11
0. aztec81 100.34
0. Dusty Ghost 98.42

How we calculate IQ score

If you are not sure what is median and standard deviation check out this Wikipedia article about IQ scores first.

With thousands of users who took our test we have a luxury of knowing median score and deviation of the average "internet user". These numbers are our reference points. Every night we recalculate median score and deviation based on answers on all users who took our test in the past 90 days.

Scoring points

For every question that you answer correctly under 5 seconds you get 1 point. If it takes you longer than 45 seconds to answer the question then you get 0.5 points. If you answer time is between 5 and 45 seconds you get a proportional score between 1 and 0.5 points.

At the end you average score is calculated and one or more penalties applied (see below).

From points to IQ score

If your score is equal to median score - your IQ is 100. For every difference from median equal to standard deviation you get 15 IQ points.

Getting questions

Everyone gets 10 questions at a time. After every 10 answers we recalculate your IQ and ranking in your groups. Only last 50 questions answered in the past 30 days count.

There is a penalty of 7 IQ points for answering less than 30 questions to prevent "lucky guesses" from getting to the top of the chart.

There is a penalty of 7 IQ points for not answering questions in the past 90 days.


After you answer your first 10 questions you are automatically enrolled into following groups:

* Smartest Human in the World

* User on the website you came from

* User of the browser and OS you are using

* Geographically related groups (City, State, Country), if we can identify your location based on your IP address.

After you answer 20 questions you can join two more groups

* Gender group (man or woman)

* Age group (various age ranges)

Group becomes "active" and starts competing with other groups after it has at least 5 members. Group IQ calculated as average IQ of all its members without any penalties.


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