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We are different

* Our IQ test shows first result after only 10 questions.
* Compete against users in your Country or City.
* Compete against users who came from the same website.
* Compete in your gender and age group.
* Daily update of IQ median and deviation.
* Historical data.

Not your everyday IQ Test

For centuries great thinkers, philosophers and psychologist have been trying to find ways to determine the level of intelligence of a person. We think we got one step closer to solution. We know that everyone has got their own strong points and weak points. We give you the mix of questions and compare your answers to answers (and time it took to answer) of other people to exact the same questions. We re-calculate median and deviation of all answers and adjust IQ scores daily. Our IQ score actually means something!
1. Congo 118.73
2. Greece 118.40
3. Nauru 117.03
4. Micronesia, Fe... 116.90
5. Kyrgyzstan 116.79
6. Panama 114.09
7. Eritrea 112.25
8. Albania 111.93
9. Andorra 111.66
10. Libyan Arab Ja... 111.43
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